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Related article: Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 14:17:51 +0800 From: Ben Ng Subject: The Big Game: After the Big Game - Epilogue************************************************************** I have started a Google Group where I put my most updated stories since it takes time for nifty to process them. Like my stories? Email me at **************************************************************After the Big Game -- Epilogue (Wish Fulfillment)From the lone mountain cabin came moaning and cries of ecstasy. There was no doubt someone was having sex in there. If you listen to it carefully, you would hear three voices. All three were male voices though.Not that anyone would hear them. The cabin was far from any other buildings, and there was no sight of anyone anywhere. The three could be screaming in the top of their lungs and nobody would hear. That was why Ben picked this place.Ben's parents owned some farmlands and this mountain cabin. In winter, their family would come here and spend a month, like a yearly vacation. For the rest of the year, the cabin was empty. Ben took advantage of this and scheduled their yearly gathering here. It has been the fifth gathering so far, and every year it has been a blast. Ben, Rick and Josh would come here and fuck each other's brains out. It was an appointment no one wanted to miss. For three days, there would be plenty of cocksucking and fucking. It was basically a free for all. Anything they wanted to do to each other, they did.Typically, what they did was a repeat of what happened in their senior college year. When they arrived at the cabin, they would strip naked and suck each other off. Then Ben would fuck Josh while Josh sucked Rick. Then either Rick or Ben would finish Josh off, but mostly Rick, because Ben would pass out after fucking Josh. They would then grab something to eat, go for a swim in the river, or just hang out until dinner, after which they would have sex again. Day two would mostly be hiking, swimming or fishing, depending on their mood, while day three would be more fucking. For five years, that was what they did. Three days of crazy sex marathon every year. At the end of each camping trip, as they called it, they would schedule the next year's event. No matter how busy they were, it was set in stone. They were booked one year in advance.So, it seems the three got along well. Today, it was day one of their fifth gathering, and the three just finished their first round of fucking. Josh was in the middle of the human sandwich as usual, so he had cum all over. He excused himself to shower in the bathroom, which left just Ben and Rick in the master bedroom.As usual, Ben would pass out from the intense fucking, but as he lay on the bed, he could feel something hard under his body. He reached under him and brought it up. It was Rick's wallet. It must have dropped out from his pants when they were taking off their clothes earlier. Ben casually opened it. He was not being nosy; he just wanted to check if it was Illegal Preteen Nymphets Rick's or Josh's. What he saw shocked him. It was a photo of himself sitting in the shower stall, all drenched, naked and asleep."When did you take this picture?" Ben asked incredulously."The day Mike came over for the first time, remember? He sucked Josh and Josh sucked him, then at night, he came back for more. He fucked Josh for the first time, then you tried to show off and said you could fuck for an hour...""I did fuck Josh for an hour.""But then you passed out while taking a shower!""And you took a picture of me?" Ben raised his eyebrow."Yeah, it was hilarious!""And why is it in your wallet?""I wanted to bring it with me and show you." Rick lied."You didn't Illegal Preteen Nymphets show me all these years and you suddenly want to show me now?""I just found it. I thought it would bring back memories."Ben took the picture out of Rick's wallet. The corners were all worn out and it was clear the picture spent years in his wallet. Ben examined the picture closely, then looked up at Rick, suddenly realizing what it meant. Rick just snatched the picture and his wallet back."You... you have been having my picture in your wallet all these years?" Rick was silent. He was caught. There was nothing more to say."You still look at it every day? That means you still... you still...""Love you? Yeah." Rick said softly.Ben was so shocked he was speechless. Finally, he managed to say, "For ten years, you have been secretly loving me?""Well, not so secret anymore.""I thought you got over it.""I thought I would too... only I couldn't.""And you have been single all these years?""Yeah.""Why don't you find someone? I'm sure there are better choices out there?""Not better than you." Rick looked straight into Ben's eyes, with all the love and yearning he has been holding back all these years. Finally he could be honest with Ben.Ben was again speechless. He had to gather his thoughts. "What do you see in me?""Everything. Everything about you, I love.""I don't... I don't deserve this.""It doesn't matter. I love you anyway."Ben could not take it anymore. He broke down, wrapping his head in his hands in a fetal position. Rick just patted him."I don't want you to feel guilty. It's not your fault. I know you don't love me but I choose to love you anyway."Ben was shaking. Rick was worried and he regretted leaving his wallet around. Why was he so careless?"Ben, Ben! Please don't be like this... just pretend you didn't see this. Everything was fine before this, right?""No, it wasn't!" Ben looked up at Rick, his eyes all red. "I've never really loved anyone but myself." Rick looked at him in silence."I love Josh because he lets me fuck him anytime. I... I can't imagine what it's like to secretly love someone for ten years!""Stop kicking yourself, Ben." Rick was worried. The last time Ben was so depressed was when Rick suddenly moved out and ignored him. He did not want Ben to sink into another depression."When you moved out, I was devastated. I didn't know how important you were until you left. I was such a jerk, always asking for sex. I... I don't know how to love... I don't even know how to be a good friend!""We've been good friends for ten years! What are you talking about?""No, you have been my good friend. You were always behind me. I was just being a jerk."Ben looked at Rick and those puppy eyes of his were again apologetic, just like five years ago when he pleaded Rick to suck Josh for the first time. But there was more this time. It was appreciation and, dare he say, compassion. Rick looked at Ben and smiled. He was glad that Ben had this realization.Suddenly, Ben's gaze became more. There was hunger in his eyes and a sense of determination. "Give me a chance to learn to love you. Please." Rick could not believe his ears."Wh-what?""I want to learn to love you. You have loved me all these years. I would be a jerk not to respond!""I don't want you to love me out of guilt!""It's not just guilt. You have inspired me to be a better person. The last time you inspired me to be a better friend, which I'm still learning. This time you inspired me to learn to love!""Are you serious? What about your wife?""I don't know. I'm not even sure if I love my wife. She's into me and she pursued me. I just let it happen.""So what will become of us? I don't want to be the third party breaking up a marriage.""I don't know. But I want to love you right now!" There was burning desire in Ben's eyes, more than lust. It was passion and it was as close to love as Rick has ever seen. Immediately, Rick realized this was what he was hoping for all these years, for Ben to look at him lovingly."I want to make love to you right now!" Ben's voice was determined and he gazed at Rick intensely, which was irresistible to Rick. Are Rick's wishes finally being fulfilled?Ben gently pushed Rick onto Illegal Preteen Nymphets the bed. "Just relax. I would do the rest.""Wait, you just had sex. You should be exhausted right now.""Not this time. Please, just relax and enjoy it." Ben bent down to kiss Rick gently on the lips. It was different this time. Not full of lust, but full of love. He gently kissed each part of Rick's body, from head to toe. He took Rick's cock in his mouth, gave it a few slurps, then took one of his balls in, swirling it around, then the other. Suddenly, a shock went right through Rick. This seemed strikingly familiar. Ben was copying what Rick did to him five years ago, after Ben got drunk at the coach's party. Rick remembered that night well. He has been reliving it every night as he jerked off, for five years. Ben was copying every move, exactly what he did. How could he remember? He was drunk!"You weren't drunk? You remembered?""I remembered everything." Ben's piercing gaze locked on Rick's eyes. Everything Illegal Preteen Nymphets that happened that night came back to Rick. How he carried Ben to an empty room at the coach's house, how he got Ben back to his room, how he spent hours making love to Ben while Ben was semi-conscious, and how he cleaned him up and tucked him in at the end. At which point was Ben conscious?"I was never drunk.""What? The whole time?""The whole time. I had a Illegal Preteen Nymphets few drinks and I was buzzed, but I wasn't drunk. I knew you were sitting across me on the couch, but I knew you wouldn't talk to me so I just sat there. I wasn't trying to pretend at that time, but you just assumed I was drunk and took me to the room.""And?""I thought you were going to do something to me, but you just put me on the bed and left. So, I called you.""And that's when you started pretending.""Yeah. It's kind of embarrassing saying those things, so... it's not like I was that far from being drunk anyway.""I should have known. Your drunken speech was contrived.""But it fooled you!""I had no reason to suspect you were not drunk. So... you were conscious the whole time. Everything I did to you that night.""Yes.""Why did you lie and say you forgot who you had sex with?""I didn't want Josh to get jealous. We had a good thing going.""And were you also lying when you said it was the best sex you had?""No. It was the best I had. Even till today." Ben locked eyes with Rick and they looked at each other in silence. Without another word, Ben resumed making love to Rick. He took his time caressing, kissing, licking and sucking every part of Rick's body. Rick has never felt so relaxed, so Illegal Preteen Nymphets loved, so peaceful. Every part of his body was attended to, and Ben took his time to do everything right. Rick was in heaven.After a long foreplay, Rick was hard and wet with saliva. Rick looked at Ben and wondered what he was going to do. Was Ben going to suck him off now? Or fuck him? Without a word, Ben reached for the lube on the nightstand. He poured a generous amount on Rick's cock and massaged it until the whole shaft was slick. Then he applied a big glob to his own ass. That could only mean one thing, and Rick was surprised."Wait, you are letting me fuck you?""Yeah, I want to do this for you, like you did for me.""But you never put anything in your ass! You hated it!""I'm learning to make sacrifices for someone I love. I'm trying to stop being a jerk.""Are you sure about this? It's going to hurt.""Yeah. I can take pain. I'm the star quarterback, you know?" Ben grinned. It has been years since he referred himself as the quarterback. He straddled Rick and placed his hole against the cock head. Ben applied pressure, but it didn't go in right away."You are too tight. We need to loosen it with a few fingers first.""I don't want to waste any more time. I want your cock in me.""Ok, well, push against me, like you are taking a crap."Ben pushed hard. A little of the cock head went in and already Ben experienced a searing pain. He winced and was sweating. He tried a few more time but only a little more went in. Ben was already in much pain and sweating all over."That's going to take all day. Why don't you brace yourself and I push in? It'd just take two seconds and you'd be in.""Are you crazy? Do you see how much pain I'm already in?"`Well, at this rate you are going to be in pain for a lot longer.""No. You'd split me in half." Ben protested, but before he could finish, Rick gave a sharp jab."Awwwwwwwwwww..." Ben's yell of pain was so loud it could be heard in a five mile radius. Josh came in and asked what happened, and he was shocked to find Rick fucking Ben. He mouth was wide open and his feet were pinned to the ground. This was too hot.It was agony, but it worked. Rick's cock head went in. Ben's body was shaking and his eyes were watery. Instinctively he punched Rick in the face."Why the hell did you do that?""I just wanted the pain to go away as soon as possible, and that's by entering you."Ben was in so much pain. His hole was burning and the pulsating cock in his ass was like a searing iron rod jammed up his hole. He had to use all his concentration to fight the pain."Remind me again why I'm doing this?""You wanted to show me you love me?""Yeah, so much for that. I fucking hate you right now."Rick chuckled. "It'll get better. I promise." Ben waited until the pain subsided, then nodded to Rick, signaling for him to push in. Rick grabbed Ben's waist and slowly descended him onto his cock. Ben was wincing again, but the worst was over. He was sliding in inch by inch."Oh my God! This is too much! I feel like my insides are split in half.""Just two inches more! We are almost there!""I'm so glad you don't have a monster cock!" Rick's cock was about six inches, average girth. It was the perfect size to break someone in."As it Illegal Preteen Nymphets stands, it's enough to make you beg me to stop.""I'm going to kick your ass after this. I swear.""Not before I fuck you good."Ben didn't have a choice. He was already more than half way in. He might as well go through with it. He bit his lips and pushed harder. Another inch slipped in."Push! Just push!""I'm not giving birth, you moron!""It works the same way."Ben took a deep breath and made one last push. It was all in. He could feel Rick's pubic hair against his ass. He let out a deep sigh."I'm all in!" Rick exclaimed. "It's not that bad, isn't it?""It's not `bad'. It's the worst ever.""You'd like it from now on. I promise." Rick waited until Ben signaled him to go, then he slowly pulled out and pushed back in. Ben winced, but the pain was much less now. He was starting to enjoy it. Rick pulled out again and pushed in. Suddenly Ben's muscles contracted and he tensed up. He let out a loud moan."So that's what it's like to have my prostate jabbed." Ben was breathing heavily."There's more to come. I'm going to jab it a hundred times today." As he said, he made another thrust, hitting Ben's prostate again. Ben let out another loud moan."I'm not sure how many jabs I can take before I cum." Ben's voice was trembling."Then cum! But I won't stop the jabbing. You are going to endure it." Rick kept probing the same spot, driving Ben crazy."Oh... oh... oh... aw! Aw... aw... oh... ahhhhhh..." Ben kept moaning and yelling as his prostate was probed relentlessly. By this time, Ben's cock was rock hard, bouncing up and down as Rick thrust in and out of him. Rick grabbed it and Illegal Preteen Nymphets gave it a few strokes."Oh my God... I can't take it anymore... Ahhhhhhhhhh..." Ben threw his head back as he shot volley after volley of cum on Rick's face, chest and stomach. It kept shooting and leaking, and finally just dripped."That... that was amazing." Ben said breathlessly."You ain't seen nothing yet!" Rick grinned as he started pounding Ben again."Wait! I just came. Let me rest a little.""You never break when you were fucking me or Josh. You just kept pounding, remember? For one whole hour!""Yes, but this is my first time! Can't you be more gentle?""The gentle part is over! The main course is up!" Rick ignored Ben's protests and pounded Ben's ass relentlessly. By now, Ben's hole has opened up nicely and Rick could slide in and out without problem."You asshole! Ahhhhhh..." Ben was still coming down from his orgasm, but Rick was already pushing him towards another by jabbing his prostate repeatedly."I'm... going... to... kill... you... Rick!" Ben's words came out in sync with Rick's thrusts. Rick just ignored him and continued to pound Ben hard. He has been wanting to do this for almost ten years. He was going to fuck Ben good.Ben's face was a mixture of pain and pleasure. His prostate was ultra sensitive now. It has never suffered so much pounding before. He was practically begging Rick to slow down or take a break, but Rick wouldn't. He just kept at it at a steady pace; much like Ben did when he fucked. It was too much for Ben and he was on his way to another orgasm.By now, Ben was whimpering. He has never had two orgasms in such a short time, but the prostate stimulation was overwhelming, especially for this first timer. As he approached another climax, his ass started to clamp down on Rick's cock."I'm cumming againnnnnnnn..." Ben yelled as he shot another load onto Rick's body, but there were only a few drops."But I'm not done yet." Rick said. He just kept on pounding."Please... just finish off already! I can't take more jabbing!"Rick looked into Ben's eyes and saw him pleading. He relented. He gave Ben a few long, deep strokes and then pushed all the way in. Both of them moaned loudly as Rick shot a big load into Ben's virgin ass. Rick's whole body was trembling and convulsing as each shot entered Ben. Cum started flowing out of Ben's hole, onto Rick's legs."Thanks... I'm going to pass out now." Ben just collapsed next to Rick on the bed and immediately went to sleep. It was unusually intense. Before Rick fucked Ben, Ben already fucked Josh once, so it was amazing he could last till now. But Rick knew this time he would be unconscious for hours.Rick gently moved away from Ben and covered him with a blanket. Josh looked at him with envy. "He let you fuck him? What happened?""He saw this." Rick held up the photo and his wallet."You kept this in your wallet all these years? Man, I thought I was into him.""You have no idea.""I guess you really love him, huh?""Yup. When he realized I've never stopped loving him for ten years, he succumbed.""This is not some kind of ploy to get into his ass, is it?""Hell, no! I wouldn't do this to him!""Well then, I guess you two belong together.""Are you upset?""No, from the start, I expected to share Ben with you. It has never changed.""That's big of you.""I never thought loving a person means having him all to myself. I just want him to be happy, whatever that may be.""Me too. I thought it best to just be friend with him.""But now you got what you wanted? Congratulations!""Thanks. He said I inspired him to love and he wants to learn to love me.""That's sweet. I never thought that would come out of Ben's mouth.""Neither do I." With that, the two had an understanding. Whatever made Ben happy, they would just let it be. It didn't matter if Ben picked Josh or Rick, or both. They would always be beside him.Finally, when Ben woke up, it was time for dinner. Josh already prepared dinner and was waiting. Rick went to get Ben, and Ben followed Rick into the kitchen, groggy and disheveled. Cum and sweat were still on his body. Most notably, cum was leaking out of his ass. The two looked at him and laughed, yet they could not take their eyes off him. He looked damn sexy."So, you two are officially together now?" Josh asked Ben."You heard?" Ben was still rubbing his eyes."Yeah, and I'm ok with it.""Great. So it's like... awesome threesome all over again?""Yeah, I suppose." All of them laughed.For the next two days, they had wild sex. They even dropped the hiking and swimming on day two and just had marathon sex. Ben fucked Rick, Rick fucked Ben back, Josh fucked Ben for the first time, Rick fucked Ben while Ben fucked Josh... they tried all the combinations three people can have. At the end of day three, they decided they should do this more often."I think I should move in with you." Rick said to Ben."What? I'm married!""I think I'll rent an apartment next to yours.""That... could work.""What about me? Don't leave me out!" Josh chimed in."Why don't you and Rick rent a place together and I'll come by as often as I can?""Yeah, that's an idea.""I suspect that would be... often. Your wife would get suspicious." Rick said."I'll make it work. I'll say... I'm on call. My work requires it.""That's settled then."They ate their dinner in silence. In an hour, they would depart and who knows how long it would be that they would see each other again.Rick suddenly thought of something. "You know, when you tried to impress Mike...""You are still onto me about this? Geeze...""You said you could fuck for one hour, or two if you want.""Yeah?""Yet I've never seen you fuck for more than one hour.""It's tiring after one hour, but if I must do it, I can.""No, you can't. That's why you invented the project you had to do that night, so you had an excuse to fuck for just one hour.""I did have a project.""You never do any project on Friday nights!""I... I guess you are right. Fine. I just made it up to impress Mike, ok? Happy?""I knew it.""Wait. I did fuck for more than one hour one time.""Yeah?""Yes. The night I was drunk from the coach's party.""You mean the night you were NOT drunk?""What?" Josh was confused."Yes, that night... I fucked you for two hours, Rick.""What? You were fucking Rick that night? I thought you said you forgot?""Yeah, I was fucking Rick. I wasn't drunk. Sorry.""What else have you two been hiding from me?""That's it. I promise." Ben said. Josh shook his head."So, see? I can fuck for two hours straight.""Under the influence of alcohol, and my ministrations.""You don't believe I can do it now?""No, I don't.""I'll show you. Take off your pants now.""Guys, we need to get out of here soon. It's getting dark." Josh said."He gave me a challenge, and I accept!""Ben, when I broke you in two days ago, I also fucked you for more than an hour and I wasn't drunk.""But that's because it took me so long to get your cock in me!""But still, I did fuck you for longer.""I'll show you! Right now! Get your pants off!""We got to leave!""Fine! I'll fuck you in the car!" Ben said adamantly. It did take about three hours to get to the city from the cabin. If Josh were to drive, it could work. The three of them cleaned up and packed quickly. They all got into Ben's SUV, which they used to carpool here.Ben threw Josh the keys and said, "You drive!" Josh just took them and jumped in the driver's seat. Ben went to the back seat and put in blankets, pillows, lube and tissues. In no time it looked like an inviting bed of sorts. He extended his hand to Rick and pointed towards the backseat. "Please!"Rick smiled and shook his head as he entered. He lay on his back, opened his legs Illegal Preteen Nymphets and made himself comfortable. Ben climbed in. He was only wearing t-shirt and shorts, no underwear. He took off his shorts once he was in and lubed up his cock."We start the timer when I push in." Ben said in a serious tone."Ok, ready?" Josh asked. Ben nodded and pushed in. Josh started the timer on his watch. He then started the car and proceeded to drive down the mountain path. Ben looked down at Rick and could not suppress an evil grin. Rick looked at him quizzically."Remember I said I'd get you? I'd kick your ass?" Ben said in an evil tone. His cock was in Rick's ass and he was holding both his legs. There was no way Rick could move."I'm going to take my time torturing you." Ben said smugly. "You didn't listen to me when I told you to take it slowly. It's payback!" He started thrusting in rough and hard. He pounded Rick harder than he ever had. Rick grunted loudly."How are you going to last two hours at this rate?""I don't care if I do. I just want to pound you so hard you can't walk for days."Rick closed his eyes. He could not suppress a smile on his face. He wasn't sure if it was really going to be torture. He suspected he might enjoy it. A lot. And he did. Throughout the ride, Ben pounded Rick so hard they were grunting and yelling loudly the whole time. Josh kept looking at the rear view mirror to check up on their hot action. Ben had to remind him to keep his eyes on the road since it was a mountainous path. In the end, Ben didn't last two hours, but he fucked Rick so hard that by the end, Rick's ass was so sore he could barely move. Rick teased Ben further that he couldn't fuck for more than an hour. Hearing that, Ben climbed on top of Rick and tried to fuck him again, but he was so exhausted he collapsed on top of Rick while doing it. Rick and Josh laughed so hard. Rick loved Ben's body pressing close to him. He gently stroked Ben's hair and kissed his head lovingly. Finally he could express his love towards Ben freely, without worrying how he would react. He gently stroked Ben's back and caressed his ass as Ben drifted to sleep. With all the intense action, Ben slept like a baby in Rick's arms. Rick was in heaven, holding Ben and caressing him the whole time.When they reached the city, the three didn't want to part. They confirmed their plans to look for an apartment where all three could access, and they made solid plans to start. In two weeks, Rick informed the rest that he found the perfect place, close to Ben's home yet located next to the freeway so the others can access easily. It was secluded and they would have privacy there. Rick said if the others found it ok, he would move in within a month. The others checked it out and agreed it was the perfect place.So, the three of them gathered frequently at Rick's new apartment. Later, Josh moved in and they both shared the cost. They fucked daily and Ben would come by whenever he could. He was jealous though, because he couldn't go every day. He had to find excuses to come by and make sure his wife wasn't suspicious. After a while, Ben hated living a lie and thought about divorcing his wife. Rick and Josh asked him to consider it carefully, but Ben was certain that was the right course. In three months, Ben had a divorce and moved in with Rick and Josh. The three of them had wild sex every day. With three people, things were never boring. Whenever one was not available, the other two can still have fun. And there are so many combinations three people can have that it was never dull, especially now that Ben's ass was available for fucking.So this day, like any other, they were at it again. Every day after work, the three rush back to their home, their fuck pad as they called it. Once inside, they would fling their clothes and immediately strip naked. Clothing was not necessary in the fuck pad. In fact, they saved a bunch on laundry cost. None of them wear anything in the apartment, ever. You can see lube bottles, tissues, cum rags, porn magazines and sex toys in plain view. Ben rushed in from the front door, can't wait to take off his tie and strip off his suit."Man, my boss kept rambling on and on! He Illegal Preteen Nymphets wouldn't let me go!" Rick and Josh were already at it, sucking each other's cock in a 69 position.Josh looked up and said, "We were waiting for you! We haven't started fucking yet!" Ben already stripped off his shirt and was now unzipping his pants."Good! Don't fuck without me!" He has thrown his pants on the floor and he was now tearing his underwear off.Josh offered him his ass and said, "Look! It's already lubed up!""Man, you are the best, Josh!" Ben's cock was already hard and he pushed in to the hilt. Both moaned."What about me?" Rick looked at them and smiled."Both of you are the best! I love you both equally." Ben started fucking Josh in earnest."Is that true? I thought you said I inspired you to love me more?" Rick teased him."You inspired me to love both of you more!" Ben said breathlessly, now pounding Josh hard."Ok. Since you love me so much, you wouldn't mind me fucking you?""No, go for it!" Ben raised his ass to allow Rick access.Rick smiled. Ben went from totally against being fucked to loving it. His prostate was unusually sensitive though, after all this time. He always begged Rick to be gentle, but Rick always ignored him. Ben sort of got used to it. Rick went over and slipped his cock inside Ben. He already lubed it up before Ben came home. Ben's ass has opened nicely since he's been fucked on a daily basis. Both grunted.Ben loved being in the middle, getting double stimulation. When Ben fucked someone, he could last a long time, but when his prostate is jabbed, he cums quickly. Rick pounded on Ben's ass mercilessly and Ben fucked Josh hard. They all loved it. When Ben is in the middle, the sex doesn't last for an hour. It was thirty minutes max since Ben couldn't stand being probed for so long. He always cums quickly. The three has so much experience with each other that they can time their climaxes together. They knew every movement, every grunt, every shiver; they knew when their mates are close. So today, just like any day, they came together and collapsed on the living room floor. You see, they can't even wait to go into the bedroom. The living room has become their fuck pad.The three lay on the floor panting. They would take a little break before dinner. After dinner, it would be round two. Although this lifestyle is exhausting and their coworkers often find them tired at work, it was satisfying. They live like gods, or at least, porn stars. Hell, I think a lot of guys would love to get their hands on videos of these three studs fucking each other. It's so hot.There's not a lot more to say about these three, except that they have wild, crazy sex each day and they love each other more than life itself. There was no longer the question of who loves who more, or who is left out. As their relationship progressed, all three can't live without each other. They are inseparable. Their favorite pastime is sex and they often stay in on weekends. They can't get enough of each other. To document every sex act they did would be impossible, but suffice to say that they lived long and healthy lives with such a vigorous exercise routine. Life is good!
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